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Type Title Author Updated date
Test session Greenfield: First Church of God W9BU Wed 03-25
Test session Rushville: Public Library N9FEB Wed 03-25
Test session Indianapolis: Georgetown Rd. N9FEB Wed 03-25
Classified HF Antenna: Cushcraft MA5B N9FEB Thu 03-19
Dinner W9ICE Lunch Group: Lincoln Square Pancake House (NE) N9FEB Thu 03-12
Net Indianapolis 220 net W9BU Wed 02-11
Net INARES HF Digital Net W9BU Wed 02-11
Hamfest Terre Haute (Brazil) Hamfest W9BU Wed 02-11
Dinner W9ICE Lunch Group: Down Home Cookin' N9FEB Wed 01-21
Content Silent Key: John Cheeley W9ELF W9BU Wed 12-31
Hamfest Angola Hamfest N9FEB Wed 12-31
Content Silent Key: Mark Burch WJ9T W9BU Fri 11-07
Hamfest Ripley County 7th Annual Tailgator Hamfest N9FEB Tue 07-29
Classified ICOM IC-718 with Power Supply N9FEB Mon 05-12
Dinner W9ICE Lunch Group: Lincoln Square Pancake House [23rd & Meridian] N9FEB Tue 05-06
Content Silent Key: Stan Kidwell KC9CTQ siteadmin Wed 03-05
Frequency K9IP IRLP N9FEB Thu 12-26
Dinner Indianapolis Radio Club Christmas Dinner & Awards; Primo's N9FEB Sun 12-01
Content Silent Key: Jeff Butler KC9HSZ W9BU Wed 11-20
Content Silent Key: Joe Lobraico K9OOA siteadmin Wed 11-20
Content Silent Key: Rod Bradway KC9PFW siteadmin Wed 11-20
Hamfest Madison County Tailgate Hamfest N9FEB Thu 08-22
Hamfest Owen-Monroe County Hamfest N9FEB Thu 08-22
Event American Legion Special Event Station W9BU Fri 03-15
Event Skywarn Spotter Training: Johnson County N9FEB Sat 03-09