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Type Title Author Updated date
Net IN ARES Statewide DMR Net N9FEB Thu 12-01
Frequency Hoosier DMR [Indy] N9FEB Thu 12-01
Net 220Mhz Net N9FEB Thu 12-01
Net 6M FM Net N9FEB Thu 12-01
Dinner ARLB: Formosa Seafood & Chinese Buffet N9FEB Thu 12-01
Dinner W9ICE Lunch: Squealer's [Castleton] N9FEB Tue 11-29
Dinner W9ICE Lunch Group: Lincoln Square Pancake House N9FEB Tue 11-15
Dinner Indpls Radio Club Annual Christmas Dinner / Meeting N9FEB Tue 11-01
Event Hilly Hundred (Monroe County) N9FEB Sun 10-30
Event ARRL Field Day N9FEB Sun 10-30
Event Carmel Marathon (Hamilton County) N9FEB Sun 10-30
Event Sam Costa Run (Hamilton County) N9FEB Sun 10-30
Event Purdue Outing Club Adventure Race [POCAR] N9FEB Sun 10-30
Dinner W9ICE Lunch Group: The Garrison (Ft Harrison) N9FEB Tue 10-25
Event Hoosier Hikers - Tecumseh Marathon (Morgan County) N9FEB Tue 10-25
Hamfest Indianapolis Hamfest N9FEB Mon 10-03
Hamfest Dugger Hamfest N9FEB Mon 10-03
Dinner W9ICE Lunch Group: MCL Cafeteria (Castleton) N9FEB Wed 09-07
Event Hoosier Hikers: Knobstone Run N9FEB Mon 09-05
Hamfest Greenfield Hamfest N9FEB Mon 09-05
Hamfest Owen County Hamfest N9FEB Tue 08-23
Dinner W9ICE Lunch Group: Marco's (54th & Keystone Ave.) N9FEB Thu 08-18
Hamfest Bloomington Amateur Radio Club Hamfest N9FEB Sun 08-14
Classified Kenwood TS-870 HF Rig N9FEB Thu 07-28
Meeting Hoosier DX and Contest Club W9BU Wed 07-06