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Type Titlesort icon Author Updated date
Meeting Hendricks County Amateur Radio Society AK9R Wed 07-06
Net Hendricks County ARES Net AK9R Sun 01-02
Hamfest Hendricks County Hamfest AK9R Fri 02-11
Hamfest Henry County ARC TAILGATER N9FEB Mon 04-11
Net Henry County [New Castle area] Simplex Net 147.510 N9FEB Sun 01-31
Event Hilltop Contest: sponsored by the Indianapolis Radio Club N9FEB Tue 08-14
Net Hoosier DMR Net TG-3118 N9FEB Sun 01-02
Frequency Hoosier DMR [Indy] N9FEB Thu 12-01
Meeting Hoosier DX and Contest Club AK9R Wed 07-06
Hamfest Hoosier Hills (Bedford) Hamfest N9FEB Sun 01-16
Frequency HQ RC AK9R Fri 07-09
Frequency IDHS RACES 40m SSB AK9R Fri 07-08
Frequency IDHS RACES 80m SSB AK9R Fri 07-08
Frequency IN-ARRL 80m SSB AK9R Thu 12-29
Frequency IN-ARRL CW AK9R Fri 01-25
Net IN-ARRL CW Traffic Net QIN (evening) N9FEB Fri 01-25
Net IN-ARRL CW Traffic Net QIN (morning) N9FEB Fri 01-25
Frequency IN-ARRL Digital AK9R Fri 01-25
Net INARES HF Digital Net AK9R Wed 02-11
Net INARES HF Voice Net 3.900 AK9R Thu 06-04
Event Indiana QSO Party (INQP) N9FEB Sun 01-02
Event Indiana Severe Weather TEST [Statewide Tornado Drill] N9FEB Thu 03-15
Net Indiana Statewide D-STAR Net REF024B N9FEB Sun 01-02
Net INDIANA-LINK-SO WIRES-X Net, Room 43844 N9FEB Sun 01-02
Frequency Indianapolis Carmel Experimenters 1200 AK9R Wed 07-07