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Event 500 Festival Parade N9FEB Fri 02-15
Net IRLP New Years Eve Net N9FEB Wed 12-28
Test session Johnson County VE Testing N9FEB Thu 01-28
Dinner ARLB: Keystone Sports Review N9FEB Tue 01-22
Event Skywarn Spotter Training: Marion County N9FEB Tue 01-09
Dinner W9ICE Lunch Group: Rick's Boatyard Cafe N9FEB Tue 12-06
Hamfest Columbus Hamfest N9FEB Thu 02-08
Classified Alpha-Delta DX-LB Plus N9FEB Sat 09-01
Event Hilltop Contest: sponsored by the Indianapolis Radio Club N9FEB Tue 08-14
Frequency District 5 VHF N9FEB Wed 10-25
Net Marion County Siren Net N9FEB Wed 05-24
Dinner ARLB: Puccini's Restaurant N9FEB Fri 10-05
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Content Rhonda Curtis WS9H: IRCC 2011 Outstanding Amateur of the Year siteadmin Sat 05-12
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Content Marion County Events: Frequently Asked Questions siteadmin Tue 01-22
Frequency KC9LGZ 222 W9BU Sun 07-18
Frequency K9IPL 2m W9BU Sun 07-18
Frequency NX9Q W9BU Wed 07-07
Meeting Hendricks County Amateur Radio Society W9BU Wed 07-06
Content Marion County Severe Weather Procedures W9BU Wed 07-07
Frequency Hendricks Co ARS W9BU Wed 07-07