• FOXHUNT: Muncie ARC Fox-Hunt
    Sat 12-05 10:00am - 12:00pm

    One person "the fox" will be hiding somewhere in the city of Muncie transmitting on the 2 meter band. Teams of hunters "the hounds" will search for the fox using any method of radio direction finding. Since this activity does not require transmitting, anyone with or without an amateur radio license with access to a 2 meter radio can participate.

  • FOXHUNT: Bedford ARC
    Sat 12-19 2:30pm - 4:30pm

    Bedford Area hams Fox-Hunt begins at 2:30pm and has a 2-hour time limit.
    Starting point is the Calvary Lutheran Church, 3705 Austin Dr., Bedford, IN

    You'll need maps of the area!