Indiana QSO Party (INQP)

Fri 05-06 12:00pm - Sat 05-07 12:00am

The purpose of the Indiana QSO Party (INQP) is to encourage contact with Indiana amateur radio stations by other Indiana hams and hams worldwide. Stations outside of Indiana work Indiana stations only. Indiana stations work everybody, including other Indiana stations. See the rules for the rest of the details.

INQP 2022 takes place May 7-(the first Saturday in May).

The 2021 rules are now available.

Please announce your operating plans on the email reflector ( You can see what others have planned on the Activity Map.

Worked All Indiana Award
The INQP is a great time to work on your Worked All Indiana Award. It only takes 60 confirmed counties to earn the initial certificate. Your INQP QSOs count as confirmed QSOs toward your WAI. Just indicate the INQP QSOs on your GCR, and we'll use your submitted log to confirm the QSOs.

Stay in Touch
You are invited to join the INQP reflector. Post your questions about the INQP, make suggestions for next year, or just jump in the general discussion with other participants and the organizers.

State QSO Party Challenge
INQP is part of the State QSO Party Challenge. See for information.