FOXHUNT: Hancock County ARC

Sat 05-22 12:00pm - 2:00pm

The next Hancock Amateur Radio Club sponsored foxhunt will be on May 22nd starting at 12:00 PM (noon). This will be a walking/pedestrian hunt with two hidden transmitters. The starting point / meeting location will be the parking lot of Thornwood Preserve located at 1597 South Morristown Pike in Greenfield. I will be monitoring the club repeaters starting at 11:30 for anyone that needs directions.

Thornwood Preserve is a 40 acre wooded park with trails throughout. Participants should be able to safely navigate this type of terrain to participate. I have attached a trail map to this message of the park. More information about the park can be found at

Here are the rules for this hunt and some expectations:

Private property is strictly off limits for the fox and hunters.
The transmitters will be hiding within the confines of Thornwood Preserve
The first transmitter will be transmitting on 146.565 MHz simplex. The frequency of the second transmitter will be at the location of the first transmitter.
A safety briefing will be held at 12PM and the hunt will start shortly after.
Hunters are encouraged to participate in teams of 2 or more
Teams of hunters may collaborate or cooperate with other teams.
For the safety of participants – each team should have the capability to communicate on the club repeaters during the hunt in the event that assistance is needed. 145.330- PL 88.5 or 444.450+ DCS 465. We may also designate a simplex frequency the day of the hunt for communications.

The first team/hunter to find the fox will have the opportunity to hide it next month.



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