Sun 03-06 1:30pm - 4:30pm

The NEXT Fort Wayne Radio Club foxhunt (hidden transmitter) hunting season Sunday, March 6, at the Corbin Park trailhead, 742 N. Coliseum Blvd., near 24/30 Surplus. That’s just north of what long-time Fort Wayne residents know as the city’s original cloverleaf intersection. This is near the geographical center of Allen County.

Gather there at about 1 p.m. ET, and be ready when the hunt starts at 1:30 p.m. sharp.

The fox frequency is 146.430 MHz simplex. It transmits on high power for one minute starting on five-minute boundaries. The microfox transmits every 2.5 minutes on the same frequency, but at a 25 milliwatt power level. Foxes are always somewhere in Allen County. Use the 146.76 MHz repeater in Fort Wayne as an intercom to contact other fox hunters or the fox, if necessary. It is also OK for home stations to help hunters with antenna bearings if you have a directional antenna at home!

If you are new to fox hunting, we often have ride-along or follow-along space, and plenty of advice! For those who participate, we will build you a tape measure yagi to use with your mobile rig or HT! Attenuators can be home brew or purchased kits from K9SFX, or pre-built from Arrow Antenna.

We have picked a challenging but not too difficult hiding spot for this first hunt, so come on out for a fun afternoon this sunny Sunday!

Foxhunting is scheduled to re-start for the 2022 season with the February 6th hunt. She also mentioned that there had been some concern
regarding the points scoring system employed for the past several years in that it seems to give an advantage to the fox in awarding points for any particular hunt.
The current scoring scheme specifies that” “When a foxhunter physically locates and eye-balls the fox, (normally the micro-fox), he/she will notify the fox who will note the time. If there are N foxhunter teams, each member of the first team to find the fox receives N points, and the first person in that team that found the fox receives N+1 points. All members of the second team to find the fox receive N-1 points. All members of the third team to find the fox receive N-2 points, and so forth.
The person or team that function as the fox each receive a score equal to the sum of the number of points earned by each of the hunters divided by the number of foxhunter teams. In other words their score = (Σ (points earned by each hunter)) / (number of hunter teams).”
Experience has shown that this method of allocating points to the fox has given the fox an unfair advantage. So it is proposed that starting with the February hunt the fox will simply be assigned one point for that hunt.

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