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Marion County RACES Information

Please send all comments and applications to:

Aaron Donaldson (N9ALD)
Indianapolis / Marion County RACES Officer
Cell - 317-945-6188
City Email -

District 5 VHF

147.210 MHz
District 5


United States
39° 45' 58.9176" N, 86° 7' 46.1208" W

This is an open repeater funded by IDHS to support Emergency Communications in Marion and all surrounding counties. It is classified as a wide-area coverage repeater and has the callsign of W9FBZ and K9XV is Trustee.

It is currently transmitting with 25 watts and has a very good coverage.

The antenna is located at about 500' on the guyed tower at State & Washington Streets in the near downtown area of Indianapolis, IN.

ARES Application

Attached is the ARRL's ARES application. If you would like to join the Marion County ARES group, feel free to print this, fill it out, scan it in, and email it to

IN-ARRL CW Traffic Net QIN (evening)

IN Statewide

For more information, go to:

IN-ARRL CW Traffic Net QIN (morning)

IN Statewide

For more information, go to:

Hamilton County ARES Net

Sun 12-17 8:00pm
Hamilton Co ARES 2m

The Hamilton County ARES Net is every Sunday at 2000 hours on the 145.170 (PL77) repeater which is linked to the 443.550 (PL77) repeater.

N5FDL's Seven Tips: How to be a Volunteer that Leaders Love

Reprinted from the ARRL ARES® E-letter, May 25, 2011:

Having spent two months talking about how to build and kill EMCOMM groups, this month I'll touch on what it takes to be the volunteer every leader wants on his or her team. Here are seven tips:

N5FDL: Sure-Fire Ways to Kill Your ARES® Program

Reprinted from the ARRL ARES® E-letter, April 20, 2011:

Last month, I offered what I believe are ten ways to grow an ARES® or EMCOMM program. This month, I'll offer a list of ways to do just the opposite. Most are related to leadership.

Politics: If you've been around a while, you've experienced the evil of Amateur Radio politics, often made worse because we're a passionate bunch and nobody really has an important (job, money, family) stake in the debate. ARES® is different. We have a public safety mission and people count on us. We do not have time for politics.

N5FDL: Ten Sure-Fire Ways to Grow Your ARES® Group

Reprinted from the ARRL ARES® E-letter, March 16, 2011:

This month, I'll share some simple ideas for growing your ARES group. You can probably implement most or all of them.

National Terrorism Alert System

The new National Terrorism Advisory System (NTAS) provides the means to share heightened terrorism threat information across our nation and allow authorities and stakeholders to take protective action. This new system is in addition to the normal flow of threat information provided to the American people and key sector stakeholders on a regular basis.

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